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A Look towards 2018: Disrupting Recruiting with AI

By Austin Edy

Within this fast-moving period we call 2017 (almost 2018), one theme has reigned supreme: efficiency. Here at AllyO, as we prepare for 2018, we look toward a period of hyper-growth. Where has the room for growth come from? The efficiency of our AI recruiter, Ally. In this tumultuous period of recruiting, transformative technology and evolving applicant expectations now define the market, and we are leading the effort with Ally.

If you’re reading this, you are likely interested in A.I./Recruiting/HR or a mixture of the three. Well, you have come to the right place. This post is meant to serve as an introduction to Ally and our work within the HR space. Ally is the brainchild created by an ex-Googler and MIT PhD that intelligently automates all aspects of recruiting and adapts to the ever-changing recruiting landscape. As you will learn in the posts to come, today’s empowered applicants want efficiency — limited work on their end, easier access to jobs, choice, and convenience. AllyO’s current clientele portfolio, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, reflect the market’s need for more-efficient/lower-cost alternatives, and Ally has delivered.

A major win for the AllyO team has been the ability to reduce recruiting costs in half for one of the largest Hotel brands in the world. A partnership was executed three months ago. Our results can only go up from here. One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is that it has allowed this brand to greatly accelerate their direct-to-applicant strategy. Creating a direct-to-applicant relationship is vital to the future of any company, and to this end Ally has excelled. We continue to work with our customers to identify key opportunities to tackle with Ally that will shape the recruiting landscape in the years to come.


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