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AllyO Appoints Victor Pavlov as Conversation Systems Engineering Lead

By AllyO Staff

AllyO, the most experienced AI recruiter, is announcing that Victor Pavlov has joined the company as Conversation Systems Engineering Lead. Victor will oversee and scale AllyO’s engineering organization, spearheading further innovation and development of the solution that brings Fortune 500 companies a self-optimized end-to-end recruiting workflow.

“A detail oriented technical leader who also understands how to scale an engineering organization at a startup is a rare breed,” stated Co-Founder Ankit Somani. “We are very happy to find this unicorn in the form of Victor, who will be leading the core Bot Systems team, delivering on AllyO’s promise of a highly configurable and intelligent, deep-workflow conversation system.”

Prior to joining AllyO, Victor’s extensive background includes developing products from the ground up and leading engineering teams. He has worked for multiple startup and public companies including Mobileiron and Keynote Systems (part of Dynatrace).

“AllyO presented me with a unique opportunity to help build a conversational AI system in an interesting practical domain,” stated Victor Pavlov. “It is the best of of two worlds: working on cutting edge technology and solving real world problems. The leadership at AllyO is very impressive with domain and technology knowledge, as well as their drive to succeed. In short, I see all the marks of successful startup company.”

About AllyO

AllyO is an AI technology company founded a simple mission – make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. It addresses the traditional inefficiencies of lost applicants and conversions due to poor candidate experience, high cost of recruiting due to overburdening of menial tasks on hiring teams, and lack of visibility and control for HR leadership. It utilizes deep workflow conversational AI to fully automate end to end recruiting workflow by intelligently engaging via texting over mobile and web. It is used by Fortune 500 enterprises that have experienced 2-6X increase in applicant capture and conversion rate, 91% application completion rate, and over 50% reduction in cost and time to hire. AllyO is backed by leading investors such as Google, Randstad Innovation Fund, Bain Capital Ventures and Cervin Ventures.


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