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Life of an applicant: your ATS vs an AI recruiter

By Sahil Sahni, Co-Founder

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A 2015 CandE Research Report found that:

  • – 33% of candidates with a negative experience intended to share the news publicly via social media
  • – 41% of candidates who had a poor overall experience intended to take their loyalty elsewhere

Companies should be wise to manage online reviews and proactively address negative online reviews. However, they need to realize that experience is the crux of a meaningful employer brand.

On the positive side, the CandE report found that of the candidates who had a positive candidate experience:

  • – 62% will increase their relationship with a brands products and networks
  • – 78% would refer someone in the future
  • – 62% would apply again

One of the top brands we can all relate to is Starbucks, which we picked for just demo purposes and because they use Taleo, who still experience a majority of US applicant flow through.

Can applicants complete your current job application in 3 minutes? Don’t think so!

If Starbucks applicants had 3.5 minutes (the amount of time we wait for our coffee at Starbucks) to explore Starbucks jobs, and applicants chose the current Taleo job application vs the conversational AI recruiter, how far can each route take the applicant?

Experience makes a difference!

  • – The AI recruiter screens, assesses, and schedules the applicant for an interview in just 3 minutes, creating a delightful candidate experience.
  • – In the same time, the applicant only gets to step 2 of 12 of just submitting the Taleo application. The applicant then has to the wait while the hiring team reviews and follows up to conduct a phone screen (after playing phone tag) and hopefully schedules an interview, a process that typically takes at least a few days.
About AllyO

AllyO is an AI technology company founded a simple mission – make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. It addresses the traditional inefficiencies of lost applicants and conversions due to poor candidate experience, high cost of recruiting due to overburdening of menial tasks on hiring teams, and lack of visibility and control for HR leadership. It utilizes deep workflow conversational AI to fully automate end to end recruiting workflow by intelligently engaging via texting over mobile and web. AllyO is used by Fortune 500 enterprises that have experienced 2-6X increase in applicant capture and conversion rate, 91% application completion rate, and over 50% reduction in cost and time to hire. AllyO is backed by leading investors such as Google, Randstad, Bain Capital Ventures and Cervin Ventures.


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