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AllyO Is The End To End AI Recruiter

AllyO’s mission as an end-to-end AI recruiting solution is to make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. For this we built AllyO, an end to end AI recruiter, in partnership with Google, Randstad, and Bain Capital Ventures.

So what exactly is an end to end AI recruiting software?

It is an Artificially Intelligent software system (closer but not always close to human intelligence) that automates monotonous recruiting activities for the recruiting team allowing them to move faster and spend their time & effort more efficiently. In parallel, candidates get to experience instant progression through the recruiting process via delightful interactions, powered by AI.

It is important to note that the bigger focus is on automation that is engaging, and not human replication. As a result, AllyO’s end-to-end AI recruiting prioritizes automation of the 6 most routine, unscalable activities along the end to end recruitment life cycle.

1 of 6: Talent Pool Engagement

Uncover new applicants in your existing talent pool to increase sourcing by 30%

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Not enough qualified candidates – employers can no longer just depend on inbound through job boards or career website, they need to uncover new applicant sources
  • Aged or incomplete talent profiles – lack of up-to-date engagement results in outdated resumes and profiles, making outreach when opportunities arises unproductive
  • Nurturing the talent community – manual efforts to find a “needle in the haystack” would outweigh the cost over benefits
  • Engage with your talent communities – run nurturing drip campaigns to generate interest
  • Enrich profiles – gather latest or missing profile information to keep the database up to date
  • Determine job seeker interest to uncover candidates – proactively contact the job seeker with best-fit opportunities to determine interest and enter into the recruiting process


2 of 6: Capture & Apply

Conversational job search across all channels of talent acquisition

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Lost applicants – due to complex and long application forms, poor matching of options presented based on applicants search keywords, or inability to answer applicant’s questions before they make up their mind
  • High sourcing costs – depending on candidates from job boards or employment campaign is no longer sufficient to cost effectively meet the required volume
  • Available 24×7 in multiple languages across multiple channels including web, text, and email and allows candidates to continue the same conversation on different channels with the same persistent identity
  • Deploys on all talent acquisition channels – career pages, job boards, text applications, post application, internal mobility, referrals and other employment campaigns
  • Answers open ended questions – offers alternative best-fit opening based on applicant’s interests


3 of 6: Screen & Assess

Intelligently qualify, specifically for the best-fit role

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Too many unqualified candidates consuming recruiter’s precious time with basic screening activities impacting their productivity
  • Candidates answer too many screening questions that may not be relevant to the role they are applying but part of the mandatory application form impacting their experience
  • Candidate drop offs due to long screening and assessment forms
  • Determine the appropriate screening criteria by automatically analyzing job descriptions and profiles of high performing employees
  • Automate basic screening activities using natural engagement resulting in more quality pool of candidates in the pipeline
  • Prepare the interviewer with intelligence on the candidate such as their interest level and likelihood of hiring


4 of 6: Schedule & Hire

Schedule and manage interviews, automate post-interview interactions, and extend offers, end-to-end AI recruiting covers it all.

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Recruiters spending countless hours in finding times on calendars
  • Candidate no-shows and poor experience because of lack of process guidance
  • Optimize best-fit interviewer and their availability across different types of interviews such as one on one, batch and sequential interviews
  • Alleviate the workload for recruiters by automating the process and empowering the interviewers manage scheduling and rescheduling natively from their own calendars
  • Proactively provide process guidance to candidates and automatically answer logistical questions


5 of 6: New Hire Check-ins

Check in with employees and respond to their queries

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Timely and at-scale engagement with new hires
  • Lack of advance visibility in satisfaction of new hire onboarding resulting in early attrition
  • Multiple handoffs between pre and post offer hiring resulting in poor new hire experience
  • Run periodic 30, 60 and 90 days check-ins via text and web-chat
  • Proactively provide new hire communication and reminders for activities as onboarding trainings and Day 1 orientations


6 of 6: Employee Referrals

Have your employees source your best hires

Challenge without AllyO

Value with AllyO

  • Employee participation in easily referring talent
  • Tedious administration of tracking referred candidates, and keeping employees updated about any progress
  • Optimizing rewards to have the highest yield from your employee referral program
  • Automate your end to end employee referral program, generating 30 to 55% of hires from employee references
  • Automatically collect employee referrals – contact your employees to collect references and let AllyO be their a contact for inbound interest
  • Instantaneously reach out to those referred with personalized notes over text and email
  • Keep HR and employees updated through weekly updates and analytics on how referred candidates are progressing

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