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AllyO Enhances Employee Referral Programs

AllyO’s mission is to make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. For this we built AllyO, an end to end AI recruiter, in partnership with Google, Randstad, and Bain Capital Ventures.

AllyO will automatically collect employee referrals, instantly reach out to those referred, and increase referrals to 30 to 55% of your annual hires.

Challenge without AllyO Value with AllyO
  • Employee participation in easily referring talent
  • Tedious administration of tracking referred candidates, and keeping employees updated about any progress
  • Optimizing rewards to have the highest yield from your employee referral program
  • Automate your end to end employee referral program, generating 30 to 55% of hires from employee references
  • Automatically collect employee referrals – contact your employees to collect references and let AllyO be their a contact for inbound interest
  • Instantaneously reach out to those referred with personalized notes over text and email
  • Keep HR and employees updated through weekly updates and analytics on how referred candidates are progressing



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    AllyO is now part of HireVue. Together, we provide an innovative end-to-end hiring experience for companies and candidates.Read press release