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HR Carnival (#HRCarnival) Celebrates the Start of 2019

Let’s Explore The Meaning, Traditions, and Trends of January

In celebrating January’s MLK Day, let’s think about what it means to be in-service of the HR, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency community. The following contributors are passionate content marketers dedicated to storytelling  (Thanks, Jason Carroll for helping kick-off HR Carnival with How to Tell a Powerful Story with Your People Data), evoking conversations, and educating. 

#1 Reflect 

Continuing this January reflection inspired by MLK, John Baldino’s “Private Idaho” talks about how “It’s uplifting to watch someone who had given up on life, finding love or being valued turn the corner, with the help of someone or some people, and transform into an involved member of a relationship and/or of society.  In real life, it hardly happens that way.”

It is really important for society to keep their ear to the ground and read Yvonne LaRose’s piece on  don’t let yellow warning signs turn into red light conditions — addressing suicide and abuse.” 

When faced with a mishap, what do you learn about an individual’s character? Mark Fogel’s Change Management Lessons From Spilled Coffee on the Train applies to so many facets of the talent lifecycle including using the interviewing process to assess for best-fit candidates across the role, the team, and the company.

And think about Dorthy Dalton‘s commentary about how Digital Transformation has also supported a candidate-driven market in more ways than most hiring teams consider

#2 Predict

Did you know January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus, who has the superpower to see all things past and future? Learning & Development is undergoing a major digital transformation with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chatbots redefining workplace learning. Based on a survey of 400 L&D leaders, Jennifer Juo writes about predictions in the L&D space for 2019 (and what came true in 2018)

And when it comes to attracting and retain top talent, make candidate experience one of your top priorities. Take inspiration from 7 Companies with Game-Changing Candidate Experience — Thanks Melissa Feineman Suzuno.

#3 {re}Invent

On a personal and professional development level, what are your resolutions?

#4  Celebrate

January is National Book Month. Now available around the world, Ben Eubanks’ first published book — Artificial Intelligence for HR.

#5 Network

Hope you enjoyed this edition of #HRCarnival. Want to participate in February? Want to be a host? Check out Robin Schooling’s blog for more information. And email me with late additions, revisions, or just to say hello.


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