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Is Feedback Missing From Your New Hire Equation?

Feedback Transforms the Retention Equation

When you do the math, the costs of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding top talent adds up. Every new recruit is an investment, and making sure they are engaged early can provide valuable ROI when it comes to employee retention. Investment in proper feedback systems that allow for employee feedback, and resources for turning feedback into actions, is a must. 

When should we start?

Immediately. Implementing a system where employees can give feedback on day one helps you identify problems early on. Instead of simply waiting for an employee’s departure interview to get feedback on what went wrong, gathering feedback every step of the way helps companies be preventative, not just reactive. When employees know they can ask questions or make suggestions, it helps them adjust faster. Additionally, it helps you identify areas of hiring and onboarding that can be improved for the next new hire.

What should we ask?

Start with a post-hire survey about the recruiting process, asking tactical questions about their experience.To ensure honest responses, consider allowing anonymous feedback. This feedback can lead to immediate process changes that can help land top talent. Over the next 90 days, continue to solicit feedback about the job itself. From then on, be sure to make it more like a constant conversation rather than a monologue.

How do we use the feedback?

The time you invest in gathering feedback goes beyond making quick process fixes. You should implement a system that centralizes all feedback, and allows you to track and analyze responses over time. Consolidating this data allows you to spot trends and make smarter decisions about how you operate. Effective feedback systems will point out areas in need of improvement. Recognize these areas and act accordingly in order to combat employee attrition


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