Going Deeper With Calendar Integrations – Now Supports Microsoft Exchange

Here at AllyO, we have the same New Year’s resolution every year – “Make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone.” With that in mind, we have been adding lot of features to our AI recruiter. One of the most awaited features by our customers is Microsoft Exchange support for deep calendar integration. This is very exciting for many of our large corporate customers who are on various versions of Exchange, both hosted and on-premise.

Our product has been scaling rapidly, and we constantly look for opportunities to make it more efficient for our recruiters. If we don’t, then they have to go through the pain of manually reaching out to each interviewer and candidate to find a matching time slot for an interview. As you can imagine, it becomes very frustrating to do this every day, especially at scale, and makes it problematic for the interviewer to handle reschedule requests or cancellations if something comes up last minute.

In this previous post, we discussed how we streamline the interview scheduling process.  For interview scheduling to be efficient, it requires the knowledge of real time availability (deep calendar integration) of interviewers involved in the process. Currently, we have been offering our deep calendar integration with support for G-suite and O365. With this release, we alleviate one of the biggest pain points for our Exchange customers. 

Check out our 4-part video series on end-to-end automated interview scheduling and calendar integration.

Bennett Sung

I am the Head of Marketing at AllyO, the most recognized end-to-end AI Recruiter. My lifetime mission as an #HRTech marketing leader is to make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. And over the past 15 years, I have contributed to the success of HROfice by Ascentis, VirtualEdge/ADP Recruiting, Jobscience Staffing Software, MightyRecruiter, and Koru | Predictive Hiring for Fit.


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