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Southern Based Retailer Benefits from Increased Recruiter Efficiency with AllyO

How a Southern Based Retailer Eliminated Manual Scheduling Costs and Increased Candidate Engagement


The reality of hiring in today’s tight labor market is that recruiters spend hours of their valuable time chasing candidates.  Despite continual calling leaving messages it is difficult to get someone on the phone. This is a very frustrating experience for the recruiters.

One Southern Based Retailer noticed a shift in the candidate behavior where the candidates are less likely to pick up the phone and, hence, are harder to schedule an interview with. While that is an anecdote without hard data behind it, one talent acquisition operations consultant decided to act.  They wanted to look into automating the recruitment process using texting technology and selected AllyO as their vendor of choice for a six month pilot for their warehouses.

AllyO implemented the post ATS solution for the company to automate the recruitment process for all applicants in the PeopleAnswers ATS.  After the six month trial period, the outcome is interviews scheduled within 4 days and hires made within 6 days at $43.47 cost/hire. AllyO automates interview scheduling and eliminates the cost of manual interview scheduling.

Statistics showing improvement with AllyO

In addition, the retailer noticed that the interactive nature of the conversation with AllyO resulted in more responsive candidates. The main outcomes were time saved for the company and the decreased cost of hire. Time to fill was reduced from 9-15 days to 6.

A talent acquisition operations consultant for the retailer discussed how using AllyO has changed the recruiting process:

“Recognizing a shift in candidate engagement behavior away from picking up the phone to text messaging required an upgrade in our recruiting tools, and the outcome of adopting an interactive nature of conversation recruiting transformed our conversion of applicant to hire by 3X”

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