Prophix Hires Top Talent With Minimal Human Recruiting Support

Prophix, a software company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has found a way to enhance their recruitment process while eliminating initial human interaction. The initiator of the new vision for efficient recruiting is Ryan Van Hatten, who since the success of the initiative, has been promoted to SVP of Finance & Operations.

Increasing Efficiency With AI Recruiting Tech

On average, 274 people apply for roles at Prophix each month. These applications are for their three locations in Canada and the UK.  A key success metric has been to decrease the time Ryan Van Hatten spends on recruiting. Prior to AllyO, up to 40% of his time was spent on recruiting while also improving candidate experience.

After partnering with AllyO, the results speak for themselves; if Ryan used to spend 40% of his time on recruitment, he now spends under 5% on that effort.  His ability to spend time on other strategic initiatives resulted in his promotion to Senior VP. AllyO has also sped up both time to interview and time to hire, saving time people on both sides of the hiring process.


Adding AllyO to Your Tech Stack

AllyO is the only recruiting tech that Prophix uses, as the company does not have an ATS.  According to Ryan, Prophix went with AllyO because of its ease of use and intuitiveness. Ryan Van Hatten, SVP of Finance said about AllyO:

“Nearly 40% of each day was spent on performing recruiting activities to hire top software talent, augmenting my recruiting routines with AllyO gave back time to now execute strategic initiatives. In addition, our digital recruiting assistant also helped support our innovation-oriented employer brand.”

For companies that do possess an existing ATS, AllyO is able to integrate with existing tech stacks to use the ATS as the single system of record for all recruiting activities. Learn more here

Improving Candidate Experience

As an additional benefit, AllyO has proved to be popular among those applying to Prophix, resulting in a 93% positive customer experience rating. Read a real candidate’s comments about their experience with AllyO below:

applicant email

CTA lets chat

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