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Internal Team at AllyO Tackles Hackathon Marathon to Increase end-to-end AI User Experience

To continually support cross-functional collaboration, the three-day event brings creative ways to increase end-to-end user experience

For its second consecutive year, AllyO, the world’s first AI-powered HR communications platform, hosted its annual Hackathon challenge that encouraged ideas designed to motivate employees to create new solutions to increase and facilitate user experiences at its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. 

Lauryn Cash, on AllyO’s Brand Marketing team explained, “The purpose of this initiative is to come up with solutions to bring delight to our users across all fronts and this year’s projects made that apparent with a theme focused around user’s first impression experiences with AllyO brand and product.”

Some of AllyO’s Hackathon accomplishments included the redesign of the front desk entrance and office space. Others solved for more complex analytical solutions in order to better streamline current data platforms for AllyO users to experience globally.

Calvin Macnguyen, Marketing Associate at AllyO, implemented a hack, “To facilitate a deeper understanding throughout internal staff of our increasing technology implementations,” aligned with AllyO’s value of ‘teamwork wins championships’. 

With AllyO’s recent transition to its new HQ office in Palo Alto, CA in response to its exponential staff growth, members of the HR and Product Teams, Kelly Hopf, Emily Herrick, and Elisabeth Kantorik, joined forces and worked relentlessly to incorporate a new look to instill an encouraging and comfortable work environment. New characteristics in the office space included a revamped AllyO logo at the front desk entrance, new white board painted walls, and updated on-boarding videos that represent AllyO’s company culture for new hires.

The Engineering teams’ ongoing efforts to improve bot engagement with the current immersion of different languages across various platforms became a popular hack. With a deeper dive into the current messaging flow and languages, Victor Pavlov, Head of Core Engineering at AllyO, insured successful end-to-end experiences for all international users. 

Time is crucial in the job application process and Kathleen Preddy, NLP Applied Scientist alongside Vitaliy Volkov, Software Engineer, strategized a way to continue efficiency within the recruiting conversation flow without sacrificing priority on candidate’s time.  

The company-wide event provided a creative space for AllyO members to exercise one of AllyO’s core values of working together with synchronicity and share their input to strengthen the company as a whole. Many of these Hackathon projects have already been implemented at AllyO, while others will continue to become prevalent goals for the start of the new year. 

Events like these encourage our employees to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions. To see how that innovative thinking ties into our products, check out our technology page.


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