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AllyO’s 12 Days of Positivity

Inspired by the 12 days of Christmas, AllyO spent this holiday season curating a list of 12 ways in which AI is bringing delight and positivity to our world. Check out the 12 examples below, and see how we can use AI to create a more positive future. 


Reducing Food Waste

AI powered trash bins are helping to reduce food waste. These bins saved almost $30m of food and 39,000 tonnes (42,990 US tons) of CO2 when installed in 23 IKEA stores. 

Fighting Climate Change

AI is helping the fight against climate change! By creating better climate predictions and measuring where carbon is coming from, AI is helping scientists understand climate change and better prepare for the future.

Stopping Bullying in Schools

AI is helping prevent bullying in schools. A school district in Japan is working with Hitachi LTD and using historical data to predict the signs of bullying. With these AI driven analyses, teachers can spot the early signs of bullying and act. 

Preserving History

AI is keeping history alive! An AI system was created to understand and recreate fragmentary ancient Greek texts on broken stone tablets – helping scholars piece together the words on these ancient tablets so that historians can continue to learn from them. 

Teaching Sign Language

AI is helping people learn sign language! A group of developers trained a model to analyze letters and numbers signed in LSE (Lengua de Signos Española) so that anyone can learn at home.  

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

AI is supporting wildlife conservation by identifying animals captured on motion sense cameras throughout the Serengeti. Through Snapshot Serengeti, AI is helping conservationists identify wild animals and their patterns so that they can better protect them.

Fighting Ocean Plastic

AI is helping to save the oceans. Working with drones to capture images of the ocean, AI driven algorithms help identify bodies of water that contain large amounts of plastic so efforts can be focused towards targeted  clean ups.

Protecting Against Heart Failure

AI is able to detect heart failure from just a single heartbeat! By analyzing an ECG, doctors are able to provide early treatments for patients at risk of Congestive Heart Failure. 5 million people in the United States live with CHF and artificial intelligence is helping to save lives with early detection.

Teaching Through Music
Take a look at how AI can create music. Amazon has released a keyboard to help developers learn how to train a Generative AI model. These AI models are taught how to creatively write unique music. 

Reducing Cancer Patient Suffering

AI is designing chemotherapy treatment plans that reduce patient suffering and negative side effects. Researchers at MIT developed a reinforced learning model that can develop a cancer treatment plan that reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy while still maintaining a strong reduction in tumor size. This remarkable development helps to make a patient’s life a little bit easier. 

Saving the Coral Reefs

AI powered maps are tracking the health of the ocean’s coral reefs. When the health of a certain reef declines, local conservationists and scientists are notified so they can work to protect those areas. 

Tracking Endangered Snow Leopards

AI is helping monitor and protect the world’s Snow Leopard population. Snow Leopard’s are notoriously difficult to track, but AI is helping identify snow leopards in their natural habitats much faster than humans can. It has given conservationists more time to focus on protecting these amazing animals. 


AI can do amazing things in the world – and it can revolutionize recruiting. Schedule a demo to see how AllyO is using AI to make the hiring process delightful and efficient. 


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