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The Best Way to Transform Your Recruiting Workflow with HireVue

How do you hire thousands of people in a timely manner while also ensuring that you’re securing the best talent? As unrealistic as it may sound, using AI technology to hire candidates is your best solution. Really, this isn’t the stuff of futuristic fantasy anymore; it’s the real deal. You can do this by utilizing end-to-end recruitment AI created by AllyO. It’s one of the most efficient ways to find and hire candidates before they even have time to look elsewhere. 

How does AllyO’s AI technology work? In a few responses from the candidate, the AI can tell whether or not the candidate is qualified and a good fit for the position. This is a winning combination for quick hiring. AllyO automates the workflow for you by using intelligent conversation through channels of web or text that automatically integrates with and updates your applicant tracking system. HireVue steps in to interview candidates on your behalf with intelligent video analytics. 

How do AllyO and HireVue work together? The AllyO driven workflow takes candidates from their “Hello” text to completing qualifications for an interview. Once a candidate is selected to move on, AllyO passes the hiring baton to HireVue to take over for the video interview. As soon as the video interview is complete, HireVue hands the baton back to AllyO. AllyO then detects the completion of the video interview and takes action based on the score the candidate receives from HireVue. If a candidate scores well enough on video interview, AllyO will proceed to extend an offer to the candidate. AllyO will also update the Applicant Tracking System throughout every HireVue step as well. The entire workflow takes place on a mobile device.

This is truly the ultimate candidate experience. Imagine you’re a candidate. You easily text a number to apply to a job (let’s say it’s your dream job). You answer a few questions, like yes or no. You receive a link to a short video interview in the text. You click the link to do a video interview right on your mobile device. Shazam, in just 30 minutes, you pass the video interview and receive a job offer. You don’t even have to leave your own home, and you’ve already started a new career. How astonishing would that be? The amazing speed and convenience would have you talking about this experience for weeks. Plus, you’d want to brag about your new job, right?

Now, as an employer, all you have to do is wait for you new, highly promising employees to show up for orientation. Effortless. This is how you hire great talent in just 45 minutes.

AllyO is already processing hundreds of candidates daily with this flow. Get into the mix and transform your recruiting process. You can start today by scheduling a demo with AllyO. We make the process of working with us easy, too.


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