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Virtual Hiring Events Explained

What is a virtual hiring event?

A virtual hiring event is an opportunity for an employer to connect with multiple candidates during a set timeframe, but via video conferencing instead of in-person. 

With the impact of COVID-19, virtual hiring events are gaining popularity, but they present benefits beyond helping limit the spread of the virus. 


Why virtual hiring events are here to stay

Recruiters participating in virtual hiring events out of necessity today are wondering why they weren’t using this tactic before. Virtual hiring events enable a larger, more geographically diverse, pool of applicants with fewer dedicated resources for both parties. Resources like event space, big budgets, and travel time. 


Selecting the right virtual hiring event software

In order to host the best virtual hiring event, you need the right software. Search for a vendor that automates scheduling, has built-in or integrated video capabilities, and connects with your ATS. Checking for these important features will reduce your risk of logistical nightmares like double-booked recruiters and lost video links. 


Steps to hosting a virtual hiring event with AllyO

Step 1: Determine your qualifications

AllyO’s Hiring Events solution uses automated chat conversations to prescreen attendees, so you can dedicate time to your most interested and qualified contacts, and in return, give them the time and attention they deserve. 

Step 2: Schedule interview slots

Next, simply select your event time and which recruiters or hiring managers will be representing your organization. AllyO automated scheduling takes care of the rest. 

Via our automated chat conversations, attendees who meet your prescreening qualifications can self-schedule from offered available time slots. Once the attendee books a time, the interviewer will be sent a calendar invite and email notification that outlines who they will be speaking with, the candidate’s responses to screening questions, and a virtual resume if included. Automatic text reminders will also be sent to attendees to improve overall attendance rate and impact. 

Step 3: Host your event

On the day of your event, it’s as simple as clicking into your auto-generated video link. Both you and the attendee will enter a secure video chat room that works with multiple browsers and devices, no app downloads or logins required. The ease of use allows you to focus on representing your employer brand and bringing in great talent. 

Step 4: Rate your experience

To keep schedules on track and not forget attendee feedback, AllyO has a built-in rating and comments section recruiters can easily and quickly complete. When the meeting ends, recruiters will see a five-star rating system and a section for notes, so they can jot down feedback to help with follow-ups. There will be a separate rating scale and box so in the off chance there are any technical difficulties, AllyO will be notified. To date, AllyO is proud of its near 5-star rating.

Candidates will also see two rating boxes so you can collect feedback on how they felt about the technology and the interview experience. 

Step 5: Follow-up via text

AllyO’s Virtual Hiring Events solution also allows you to easily stay connected with your attendees after the event with today’s preferred communication channel: texting!

You can easily send 1:1, mass, or segmented SMS campaigns to your attendees to encourage desired next steps. 

Are you ready to host your first AllyO virtual hiring event? Schedule a demo today!


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