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9 ways your candidates can start a conversation with AllyO

When hiring teams deploy a chatbot to help screen and schedule candidates, they do so to save hours of manual work and deliver a better candidate experience. So why do so many settle for plopping a chatbot on their careers page and calling it a day? 

In order for a chatbot to help hire fairly and efficiently, every applicant needs to enjoy accelerated hiring via conversational AI, no matter where and how they apply. 

Many chatbots only engage with those who first apply through the bot, but AllyO adds consistency by delivering accelerated hiring to everyone. Here’s a look at all the ways your candidates can start a conversation with AllyO.

1. Your careers page

Chatbots are becoming commonplace on websites, and career pages are no exception. AllyO sits on your careers page and can help job seekers find a job based on location and interests, screen them for fit, and schedule an interview within the same conversation. 

Not ready to apply just yet? AllyO can also answer frequent candidate questions like “What benefits do you offer?” or “What’s the company culture like?” at any time during the conversation. Your recruiting or HR team sets the answers, and AllyO’s natural language processing (NLP) identifies and provides an immediate answer or routes candidates to the right resources. 

2. A specific job requisition 

We imagine you spend a lot of time drafting the right job description and building a search-friendly career center, so candidates shouldn’t be penalized for using it! 

Unfortunately, many web chatbots will ask applicants to go through its process of finding a job that interests them, even if they are already on the specific job requisition page they want to apply to. 

With AllyO, you can skip the job search process and go straight to conversational screening on a specific job requisition. This requires a little more custom setup than letting the bot live freely on your careers page, but it will help job seekers apply even more quickly. If you want to skip job searching on job pages, our customer success team can help!  

3. Text “Jobs” to 12345

In today’s mobile-first world, the ability to apply via text is increasingly important in attracting candidates. Your applicants can start a conversation with AllyO by texting a keyword like “jobs” to a short phone number like “12345.” The conversation will flow exactly as it would on your careers page web chatbot, but through messaging apps and text. 

Many candidates are also customers or brand advocates of the places they apply, so this is a great sourcing opportunity. Many of our customers put signs around their locations with a text to apply number to convert customers into candidates. And just like they value delivering a great customer experience, they can deliver a great candidate experience as well.

4. Text “Barista” to 12345

You can also use keywords to map to specific jobs or locations. For example, you can put “Text ‘Barista’ to 12345” at the top of your Indeed job posting for barista positions to fast track applicants past the job search process. 

Or, perhaps you have a billboard announcing you are hiring for a new location in Cincinnati. Folks can text “Cincy” to 12345 and immediately see open positions at your Cincinnati location(s). You also can see just how many applicants your billboards garnered and learn how to optimize your advertising dollars for job postings the next time. 

5. Facebook Messenger

Anywhere your employer brand has a presence and chat is supported, AllyO will be there. That includes Facebook Messenger!  AllyO can capture and add job seekers into your talent pool on Facebook Messenger, making it easy to send targeted campaigns and convert them into applicants.

6. QR codes

Now a staple for restaurant menus and event information, QR codes can help route potential candidates to your career opportunities, too! This is another way to make the most of your foot traffic by making it easy for candidates to start a conversation with AllyO.

7. For a second time

AllyO’s NLP memory can recognize when you’ve applied to a role before, and skip over steps like collecting your name and location. AllyO will confirm what it knows with the candidate to ensure accurate data collection, but eliminating repeated questions helps keep the candidate experience efficient and delightful. 

Insider tip: Many web chatbots can’t support a single candidate applying to multiple roles. When evaluating vendors, ensure your bot supports multiple applications from one candidate if that is important to your hiring process. We do! 

8. After they’re in your ATS

Let’s say an applicant skips over the chatbot initially and applies through your career site. Great! AllyO can still help accelerate your recruiting process. 

Deep ATS integrations mean every candidate will engage with AllyO, at the exact right time. 

Let’s say you want every single applicant that applies to your barista position to be screened for basic coffee knowledge. Once that person applies through your traditional ATS application, AllyO will automatically send a text and ask those screening questions. 

AllyO can also be triggered by you! So if you update a status in your ATS, AllyO will deploy the logical next step. You mark that Jimmy needs references? Text sent. You want to schedule a follow-up interview with Maria? Available time slots are sent to her phone. 

Even if their first interaction isn’t with AllyO, they’ll enjoy automated efficiency throughout the remainder of the hiring process. 

9. Through mass outreach

So what about all those folks sitting dormant in your ATS? You can send bulk messages to your talent pool by pulling a list of candidates to re-engage. This can be a single message blast or the start of an automated sequence of messages to determine if they are interested and available to explore job opportunities. 

Are you ready to start a conversation with AllyO?

If you want AllyO to engage your talent pool, the best way to start is by scheduling a demo to speak with our recruiting automation experts

If you’re already an AllyO customer and aren’t taking advantage of one of the 9 ways your candidates can engage with AllyO, reach out to your customer success team to get started!


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