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Check your Blind Spots, Avoiding Unconscious Bias with Technology

Madeline: Hi everyone I’m thrilled to be here today and moderating this all-star panel to talk about a […]

Hack Recruiting and HR Video Podcast Featuring Sahil Sahni

Victor Assad hi everyone I’m Victor Assad I am the author of hack recruiting and I am here […]

Two Years Running: AllyO Selected as a Top HR Product of the Year

AllyO is excited to announce the selection of AllyO Sourcing as a Top HR Product of 2019 by Human Resource Executive® Magazine. […]

Essential Collection of Free Interview Schedule Templates

Templates and Tips to Help Streamline Scheduling Interviews This ultimate set of templates for all aspects of interview […]

Large Retailer Prioritizes Accessibility Technology When Selecting Chatbot

Is Your Recruiting Chatbot Truly Inclusive?   ADA And Reasonable Accommodation  In July 1990, the Americans With Disabilities […]

How to Leverage AI in HR

Experts Provide Best Practices for a Data-Driven Workforce In my 25 years in HR technology, I have seen […]

Essential Guide to Strategic HR Process Automation

Streamlining HR Operations Now and in the Future As an experienced HR technology professional, I enjoy sharing my […]

Three Pitfalls to the HR Tech Business Case (and how to avoid them)

Building a future-proof HR tech business case for emerging AI recruiting tools There are so many challenges that TA […]

End-to-End AI Recruiting Technology: The Gamechanger in the Staffing Industry

4 Ways Intelligent Software Can Be A Staffing Agency’s Competitive Advantage. The staffing industry is expanding twice as […]


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