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SURVEY: HR leaders in hospitality sees top benefit of AI in improving recruiting experience

By Sahil Sahni, AllyO Co-founder Most HR leaders are considering adopting A.I. for recruiting primarily to improve candidate […]

Recruiting in today’s mobile-first culture

By Austin Edy What’s the quickest way to reach someone in today’s culture? Cell phones. Mobile-first mentality not […]

Rock Your Next Video Interview with these 3 Tips

By Louis Pratt In recent years, technology has impacted the way people around the globe communicate, both professionally […]

Should employees be allowed to nap at work?

By Ian Elliot Throughout my career at AllyO, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people working […]

A Look towards 2018: Disrupting Recruiting with AI

By Austin Edy Within this fast-moving period we call 2017 (almost 2018), one theme has reigned supreme: efficiency. […]

Major challenges recruiters face that will be a thing of the past

By Ian Elliot Some challenges can be daunting and always persistent, and nowhere is this more true than […]


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