Employ AI-Driven Employee Engagement Software to Simplify Work

Powered by conversational AI and workflow automation, AllyO modernizes engagement channels to improve connectivity across the organization.

Identify & Reduce “Flight” Risk

Data gathered through employee engagement guides HR management and operations leaders to shape best practices to reduce attrition. AllyO can ensure a smooth transition and training for new employees during the critical first few months.

Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

Fewer than 16% of companies have a program to “simplify work” or help their employees deal with stress. Help your employees be the best that they can be by distinguishing pain points through regular communications.

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Standardize Communication & Compliance

No matter where you work there will always be a few unforeseen issues that fall under the responsibility of your HR team. Ensure that all situations are worked seamlessly and efficiently with the assistance of AllyO.

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Conversational AI And Workflow Capabilities For Human Capital Management

Improve retention with post-hire engagement

Improve retention by bridging talent acquisition and management

  • Increase new employee retention rates, reduce churn, and identify retention challenges.
  • Engage all new hires, learn about their health, and gather insights into how to improve their experience.
  • Obtain a single point of contact for applicants who become candidates and ultimately turn into employees.
New Hire Check-ins

Create a lasting, positive impression that builds employee advocacy.

Improve day 1 productivity and early engagement

  • Increase conversion from offers to new hires – send automated, continuous outreaches to candidates to keep them engaged.
  • Provide visibility on new hire progression – receive analytics on progression of new employees to understand time to production.
  • Reduce time and effort for onboarding – deliver training and assessments within the first week to streamline your onboarding process.

Empower and retain your best internal talent.

Accelerate your time to fill and build a culture of opportunity.

  • Align with employees – allow employees to assess their skills to help them explore common career paths
  • Empower employees – give hiring managers access to interested candidates who are already employed at the organization
  • Build awareness – make employees aware of internal opportunities available to lock in internal talent
  • Do it effortlessly – automate job applications, screening, and interview scheduling within minutes for a faster time-to-hire
Internal Mobility

The tools & information needed to measure your ethics & compliance program.

Improve your case response time by 50% while meeting corporate compliance standards.

  • Give employees a voice – make employees feel heard and give them an anonymous channel to voice concerns
  • Be the company that prioritizes ethics – pave the way and create a positive brand where people want to work
  • Problem solve before it’s a problem – uncover issues in your organization, keep records of them, and show you took positive steps towards resolution
Ethics & Compliance

Know what makes your employee happy through convenient and frequent feedback.

Proactively capitalize on insights to reduce attrition.

  • Monitor employee happiness – Engage employees in a convenient way to track their changing attitudes.
  • Capitalize on insights – Use information to gain insight into management and training effectiveness.
  • Eliminate surprises – Understand where your employees stand, resolve issues via live chat and use insights to improve retention and improve planning.
Employee Pulse

Leave no good-bye unsaid.

Automate 95% of your exit interview workflow and gain actionable insights to retain your best employees.

  • Improve retention – separate on a positive note, stay connected, and persuade employees to reconsider or rejoin your team down the line
  • Get more to respond – achieve higher response rates from your exiting employees
  • Analyze reasons for departure – get deeper insights on why separations occur, segmenting by team, location, role, and more
Exit Feedback

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