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RPO / Staffing
  • Improve margins by automating end to end recruiting
  • Engage with talent networks to automatically source candidates
  • Outbeat competition by delivering an innovative AI-based technology stack
  • Offer a mix of services and products to improve candidate experience and recruiter productivity
  • Deliver innovation, e.g., conversational job search and application, automated screening, and delightful post-application candidate experience
  • Drive proactive, automated, and delightful engagement with current and potential applicants
  • Attract candidates by conversational job matching and screening, and nurture them to progress into the recruiting pipeline
  • Keep the dormant talent pool relationships warm and fresh through automated profile update check-ins
  • Automate pre and post-application activities by synchronizing candidate and job requisition data
  • Offer a delightful experience in addition to workflow management
Job Boards
  • Offer a conversational job board that helps identify the right job based on the applicant’s qualification and answers any employer or role related questions
  • Offer customers a new conversational channel through text or web chat on the company profile page
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