Automated Anonymous Employee Feedback

Proactively uncover issues and provide anonymous ways for employees to report problems 24/7 with our ethics & compliance management software

Do you struggle with:
  • Low reporting rate – organizations face higher likelihood of impending lawsuits due to lack of visibility on ethics or compliance issues.
  • Long resolution times – employees can grow disgruntled or feel discouraged from filing reports if they feel resolution times are too long or that their voices are not being heard.
  • Impacted company culture – employees take company culture very seriously and leaving issues unaddressed can negatively affect a workplace environment.

AllyO can help organizations provide a safe, anonymous way for employees to file reports 24/7 and receive immediate action

  • Give employees a voice – make employees feel heard and give them an anonymous channel to voice concerns
  • Be the company that prioritizes ethics – pave the way and create a positive brand where people want to work
  • Problem solve before it’s a problem – uncover issues in your organization, keep records of them, and show you took positive steps towards resolution

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