Internal Mobility

Empower and retain your best talent with AllyO Internal Mobility as your digital automated assistant.

Do you struggle with:
  • High churn rate – employees are frustrated when they cannot find internal job opportunities and turn to explore jobs externally
  • Finding suitable candidates – hiring managers struggle with finding suitable talent that match their needs while fitting into the company culture
  • Disgruntled employees – employees look for new opportunities to grow in their career and feel stuck when they can’t assess their current skill level

Internal mobility can be daunting for employees who are lost on how to proceed & impossible for recruiters to leverage efficiently

  • Align with employees – allow employees to assess their skills to help them explore common career paths
  • Empower employees – give hiring managers access to interested candidates who are already employed at the organization
  • Build awareness – make employees aware of internal opportunities available to lock in internal talent
  • Do it effortlessly – automate job applications, screening, and interview scheduling within minutes for a faster time-to-hire


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