Employee Pulse Survey 

Understand what is going on in your company to capitalize on insights and eliminate surprises.

Do you struggle with:
  • Lack visibility into employee happiness – employees may leave because of an issue that may have had an easy resolution.
  • No insight into trends – collecting feedback is useless unless you have visibility into analytics to understand any potential trends.
  • Low response rates from existing surveys – coordinating surveys across teams can be difficult, especially keeping track of those who have yet to complete them.

AllyO Pulse allows you to gather insights on how employees feel about their job, take action and monitor how attitudes change over time.

  • Monitor employee happiness – Engage employees in a convenient way to track their changing attitudes.
  • Capitalize on insights – Use information to gain insight into management and training effectiveness.
  • Eliminate surprises – Understand where your employees stand, resolve issues via live chat and use insights to improve retention and improve planning.


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