Automated Exit Interviews

Make exiting employees your friends and learn from their goodbyes.

Do you struggle with:
  • Retention – lack of visibility into why employees are leaving your organization makes it impossible to understand what changes need to be made.
  • Low reporting rate – exit interviews often take too long to administer and are never a priority
  • Poor online reviews – exiting employees may feel disgruntled and leave poor reviews on sites such as Glassdoor, impacting your overall brand image.

Exit Surveys give insight on why employees leave and what you can do to improve retention

  • Improve retention – separate on a positive note, stay connected, and persuade employees to reconsider or rejoin your team down the line
  • Get more to respond – achieve higher response rates from your exiting employees
  • Analyze reasons for departure – get deeper insights on why separations occur, segmenting by team, location, role, and more

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