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Major challenges recruiters face that will be a thing of the past

By Ian Elliot

Some challenges can be daunting and always persistent, and nowhere is this more true than the challenges hiring managers face when they are recruiting talent for a company.

However, much like the explorers faced the daunting task of traveling by foot in the new world, breakthroughs in technologies have provided fundamentally transformative solutions, for example, the railroad or the airplane. Now Artificial Intelligence can provide the same level of fundamental change for recruiting. This article will list some of the daunting challenges that candidates face, and how AI technology is being used to provide solutions.

1. Retaining conversions from job boards

Company A just spent a lot of money posting on a job board. They are excited at the prospect of a non-ending flow of candidates. After a day there is no big uptick, but the hiring managers are optimistic. A week passes and nothing has changed. A week turns to a month and the job board is looking like a giant waste of money. Company A looks like they will never fill the jobs that they have.

The problem is that people are coming to the job board, but are not taking the steps to apply for positions. This once daunting task now has a solution. Intelligent mobile job applications have now been effective for increasing conversion from job boards and retaining potential applicants who have the potential to be future employees. AllyO averages a 91% conversion rate for mobile job applications through our AI recruiter, Ally.

2. Competing with other companies for candidates

Company B has jumped through all the right hoops trying to attract the perfect candidate. They posted the right job postings, they had a generous compensation package and they made a strong case for their company culture. Despite all these steps, their perfect candidate decided to go to with another company at a discount. What happened?

It’s not about who made the more promising offer to the candidate, but rather who has their offer letter signed first. This used to create massive amounts of stress as hiring managers were competing with time and rushing out emails to promising candidates. But no matter how much they rush, each recruiter can only handle so many applicants at once. Modern technology has eased the race against time through automation and scale. For example, Ally allows hiring teams to send out instant conditional offers over text message, ensuring a company’s offer letter is the first one to get signed.

3. Inability to engage the full applicant pool

Job matching is one of the toughest problems that hiring managers have to face. Quality candidates are forever elusive since it’s not just a matter of matching the right skills, but also timing of the job and candidate availability.

Latest advances in HR technology is bridging the gap. Ally can provide analytics to help better qualify your candidate pool, and engages with the candidate 24×7. Even if the timing is not right, Ally ensures there is the dialogue between the company and the candidate for open positions in the future.


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