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Rock Your Next Video Interview with these 3 Tips

By Louis Pratt

In recent years, technology has impacted the way people around the globe communicate, both professionally and personally. For example, video-conferencing has penetrated the hiring process at many firms who’ve decided that interviewing candidates via video-call can help them optimize their recruiting process.

At AllyO, we recognize the impact of video for hiring processes. Our recruiting robot helps our customers facilitate video-conferencing for interviews and allows candidates to upload video responses. We make it easy for candidates and hiring managers to interact at a distance through video, therefore improving our customers’ ability to lock down top talent in their industries.

While these new video-interviews may put hiring managers at ease, the same scenarios can have applicants more nervous than ever. Thankfully there are commonalities between video interviews and traditional interviews that clue us in on ways to ace the experience.

Here are a few quick tips to get you prepped for your next video-interview:

1. Dress for the job you want, even though the interviewer can’t see the whole getup!

The last thing you want to show off in an interview is your pajamas. Though the framing of your webcam will allow you to “cheat” your interview attire a bit, don’t be tempted to do so. You’ll be less worried, feel more confident, and be able to keep your mind focused on the interviewer’s questions.

2. Practice eye contact with the camera vs. eye contact with the . interviewer.

It’s important to remember that keeping eye contact with your interviewer means keeping steady focus on your webcam, not on the eyes of your counterpart on screen. Doing some practice responses with a friend or peer prior to your interview date can help you nail your delivery. The more you practice, the less you stress and the easier the eye contact becomes for future calls.

3. Attempt to work out technical kinks before the big day.

There are few things that can unravel a professional quite like malfunctioning technology in real time! Whether it’s your internet connection, your equipment, or your software, make sure you test and double check that all your tools are working properly before your interview is scheduled to occur. Having to fix faulty tech will potentially fluster you and your following responses, so keep cool by preparing properly.

So, the next time Ally sends you an invite for a video interview, don’t let fear get the best of you! With the right advice, preparation, and collected-demeanor, you’ll be a master of the video-interview in no time.


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