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Three ways AllyO is transforming recruiting with AI

By Ian Elliot

AI is reshaping the traditional recruiting practices. Per Korn Ferry’s survey of 800 talent acquisition professionals, nearly two-thirds say AI has changed how recruiting is done in their organization. They are addressing variety of use cases with AI – as the sourcing tool to identify better candidates, automate the recruiting process, and improve the candidate experience.

Ally, the AI recruiter is helping large enterprises intelligently automate their end to end recruiting workflow. It is addressing the traditional inefficiencies of lost applicants due to poor candidate experience, and high cost of recruiting due to overburdening administrative tasks on hiring teams.

Specifically, there are three ways in which Ally is disrupting the traditional recruiting practices.

  1. 2x to 6x increase in talent capture and conversion rate

Ally’s ease of access through web and text, 24×7 availability, natural conversation and a guided workflow helps job-seekers find the right jobs and deliver superior candidate experience. For employers, this results in increase in number of applicants, more qualified candidates through better pre-interview screening and a higher overall conversion rate. For example, a large grocery chain experienced a 6X increase in volume and 91% application completion rate after promoting Ally’s text number on its receipt.

  1. Automate the administrative tasks in the recruiting workflow

Recruiters spend greater than 80% of time on low value add activities such as screening candidates, scheduling interviews and post-interview activities such as feedback collection and offer extension. Through its AI-based technology, Ally automates all of these tasks and allows recruiting to focus on doing what they do best – nurture candidates and build relationships. For example, a large hotel chain has implemented a fully “hands off the wheel” recruiting for its US based contact centers that hires thousands of team members every year.

  1. Self-optimize recruiting performance and help employers improve talent sourcing strategies

Employers spend 10-20% of their recruiting budget on sourcing candidates, and receive less applications from 10% of applicants that are qualified for the jobs. This challenge is further exacerbated by “one-click-applications” where applicants tend to cast a wide net without researching the company or the role. Ally, using machine learning technology, learns from analyzing the profiles of the candidates that perform well in the interviews and informs the hiring teams on ways to improve their recruiting performance. For example, few locations of a grocery chain were experiencing a significant increase in their applicant volume. Ally recommended fine tuning the screening questions that led to a higher quality of candidates and better use of the interviewers’ time.

These are just some of the ways Ally is revolutionizing the the traditional recruiting practices. Our mission at AllyO is simple – use technology to make recruiting experience simple and efficient. We believe AI can significantly improve recruiting all – applicants, hiring teams and recruiters, alike.


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