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Recruiting in today’s mobile-first culture

By Austin Edy

What’s the quickest way to reach someone in today’s culture? Cell phones. Mobile-first mentality not only reigns true for millennials (90% of millennials will own a phone by end of 2017), but also for everyone else. For individuals aged 50- to 59 years old, 73% of them own a smartphone, and for individuals aged 18–44, 79% of them with phones have their device by their side for 22 hours each day.

With mobile’s rising popularity, companies must become mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly to capture their audience, and recruiting is no exception. Candidates have come to expect a seamless job application experience on mobile. According to Glassdoor, over 90% of job seekers search for jobs through mobile. But what they end up getting with traditional HR experience is clunky job portals poorly optimized for on-the-go applications, resulting in massive candidate drop off. This frustrating job application experience on mobile feels especially antiquated given that other industries are far ahead in mobile-optimization and functionality, for example online purchasing and banking.

Sensing the need to improve on-the-go job applications, some solutions promise to connect candidates to jobs through SMS texting. But they fall short by simply providing a link to the ATS application which is still unoptimized on for the phone. A true mobile-first solution should offer more than an add-on to traditional portals — it should create a seamless experience from job search to hire. The adoption of a true mobile-first solution is a massive opportunity to capture candidates, reduce cost, and demonstrate leadership.

I would like to introduce you to our AI recruiter, Ally. Ally provides what much of HR tech companies lack today: true functionality. Ally not only connects candidates to jobs through mobile, but also intelligently guides them every step of the way, from job search to screening to scheduling and hiring — all through SMS texting. Ally is a true mobile-first solution that revamps recruiting for the mobile era.


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