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SURVEY: HR leaders in hospitality sees top benefit of AI in improving recruiting experience

By Sahil Sahni, AllyO Co-founder

Most HR leaders are considering adopting A.I. for recruiting primarily to improve candidate and hiring manager experience. Those are the findings of an AllyO survey of HR leaders that attended HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo 2018.

The majority of HR leaders (83 percent) have adopted A.I. solutions for hospitality recruiting, and 45% of them agree that improving candidate and hiring manager experience is the primary reason. Automation is their second largest concern, from end-to-end recruiting (14 percent) to unburdening recruiters from administrative tasks by automating it with A.I. (14 percent) to automating specific problem such as scheduling (10 percent).

The top recruiting challenge for HR leaders is sourcing and capturing talent (73 percent), and they identified that most of their recruiters (72 percent) believe there are too many processes in recruiting. Only 1 percent of HR leaders believe their recruiters view the recruiting process as painless.

When asked about their journey of adopting A.I., 65 percent have prioritized buying into A.I. for recruiting, whereas 35 percent are still evaluating.

About the Survey

AllyO surveyed 43 HR leaders and professionals in the hospitality industry from March 5 to 7 from a keynote session The Future of Recruiting with A.I. co-presented with Hilton at the HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo 2018.

Survey Results

Where are you in the journey of including A.I. in recruiting?

  1. We are adopting / using A.I. and have seen positive results – 8%
  2. We are adopting / using A.I and have not seen positive results (yet) – 0%
  3. We are evaluating options that we hope to try in 2018 – 58%
  4. We are still waiting and have deprioritized this – 35%

What is the top recruiting challenge in your organization?

  1. Sourcing / Capturing Talent – 73%
  2. Keep candidates engaged and updated – 7%
  3. Increasing recruiter / recruitment productivity – 10%
  4. Reducing recruiting costs – 7%
  5. Other – 3%

What vision of A.I. makes the most sense for your organization?

  1. Automate recruiting, end‑to‑end – 14%
  2. Help my recruiters unburden & focus on what’s important – 14%
  3. Automate point solutions, like interview scheduling – 10%
  4. Improve candidate and hiring manager experience – 45%
  5. I’m not bought into A.I. yet – 17%

What do your RECRUITERS think of your recruitment process?

  1. Easy as pie! – 6%
  2. A bit cumbersome – 22%
  3. Too many processes – 72%
  4. What process? – 0%
About AllyO

AllyO is an artificial intelligence technology company based in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2016 by Google and MIT engineers, AllyO has a simple mission: use advanced technology to make the recruiting experience simple and efficient. AllyO is backed by various investors including Google’s Gradient Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Randstad Innovation Fund and Cervin Ventures.

AllyO’s flagship product, Ally, is an AI recruiter that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to automate and self-optimize the end-to-end recruiting workflow. Ally addresses the traditional inefficiencies of lost applicants due to poor candidate experience, and high cost of recruiting due to overburdening administrative tasks on hiring teams.
Ally is the most experienced AI recruiter and is currently used by 40+ large enterprises across several industry segments. It has scheduled over 100K+ interviews by processing millions of applicant interactions.

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