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AllyO Survey Data: HR Leaders in Hospitality are Turning to AI to Improve Candidate Experience

By AllyO Staff

While A.I. is becoming increasingly relevant in HR, many HR leaders are still unsure of its future in recruiting. However, in the hospitality industry where high-volume staffing efforts often leave candidates frustrated, the majority of HR leaders are turning to A.I. to improve the candidate experience, according to new data from AllyO.

According to a survey of HR leaders conducted at the 2018 HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo, 58 percent hope to try A.I. to supplement HR efforts this year, and 45 percent agree that improving candidate and hiring manager experience is the primary reason behind it.

Overall, only 6 percent of HR leaders think their recruiters view the recruiting process as painless. According to attendees, the majority of their recruiters (72%) feel that there are too many processes in recruiting, leading HR leaders to investigate automation as a potential solution for improving end-to-end recruiting (14%), time spent on administrative tasks (14%), and scheduling (10%). Regardless of whether they’ve bought into A.I. already or not, HR leaders and recruiters agree that there is a problem in recruiting, and advanced technology is the solution.

We will see a new era of recruiting in 2018 – one that will cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Powered by breakthrough technologies, the use of A.I. will create an efficient and high-quality experience for candidates and hiring managers. AllyO has already revolutionized recruiting for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Learn more on our website, or contact hello@allyo.com.

About the Survey

AllyO surveyed 43 HR leaders during its keynote session The Future of Recruiting with A.I. co-presented with Hilton at the HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo 2018.

Survey Results

Where are you in the journey of including A.I. in recruiting?

  1. We are evaluating options that we hope to try in 2018 – 58%
  2. We are still waiting and have deprioritized this – 35%
  3. We are using A.I. and have seen positive results – 8%
  4. We are using A.I and have not seen positive results (yet) – 0%

What is the top recruiting challenge in your organization?

  1. Sourcing and capturing talent – 73%
  2. Increasing recruiter productivity – 10%
  3. Keep candidates engaged and updated – 7%
  4. Reducing recruiting costs – 7%
  5. Other – 3%

What vision of A.I. makes the most sense for your organization?

  1. Improve candidate and hiring manager experience – 45%
  2. I’m not bought into A.I. yet – 17%
  3. Automate recruiting, end‑to‑end – 14%
  4. Help my recruiters unburden & focus on what’s important – 14%
  5. Automate point solutions, like interview scheduling – 10%

What do your RECRUITERS think of your recruitment process?

  1. Too many processes – 72%
  2. A bit cumbersome – 22%
  3. Easy as pie! – 6%
  4. What process? – 0%

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