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Highlights from ERE Recruiting Con 2018

By Ian Elliot, Shobhit Gupta, and Ankit Somani

ERE Recruiting Conference 2018 centered around ongoing technology-led disruption of recruiting. Here are our key take-aways:

AI in recruiting has advanced from a “buzzword” to a mainstream trend

The combination of automation and intelligence is impacting all elements of talent acquisition and management:

End to end automation – AI recruiters such as AllyO are now serving the extended talent management workflow (from sourcing to post-hire retention), focusing on improving both candidate experience and recruiting productivity, and using AI / ML to self-optimize broader talent acquisition and management.

Data-led, multi channel sourcing (e.g., Entelo, Hiretual, HireScore) – Ubiquity of information on social media, job boards, etc., advanced algorithms to identify patterns to match candidate’s fit with the requirements, and technology to proactively outreach is helping companies find more and better qualified candidates.

Predictive performance management (e.g., Humantelligence) – use of algorithms to analyze performance fit (e.g., culture, skills) to predict and prescribe drivers for superior performance.

Newer technologies are starting to gain adoption with recruiting visionaries – for example, some employers are using Virtual Reality technology (e.g., YouVisit) to develop virtual experiences of their work environment to attract and engage potential hires, and differentiate from the competition.

New capabilities are giving older HR systems a mega-facelift

Modern capabilities such as ability to track, segment and personalize responses and use design for superior user experience are improving the traditional job boards / career pages (e.g., Phenom People) and candidate relationship management systems (e.g., Beamery).

Off the shelf integrations, mobile applications, cloud-based delivery model, etc. are continuing to evolve the traditional Applicant Tracking Systems.

Thank you ERE for continuing to organize the “go-to-event” to meet who’s who from the recruiting community of thought leaders and technology innovators. The AllyO team had a great time engaging with the passionate group of attendees and learning how the recruiting industry is evolving. We look forward to another engaging ERE Conference in 2019.

Highlights from ERE Recruiting Con 2018

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