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G4S Leverages A Conversational AI Recruiter To Engage Employees Affected by Hurricane Michael

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency on 35 counties in Florida on October 9th, 2018. Hurricane Michael with a wind speed reaching 155 mph was on an uncontrollable rampage. Fallen trees and downed power lines were everywhere with more than a million homes and businesses without electricity. A month later, Hurricane Michael still leaves a trail of devastation behind and many peoples lives have been changed forever.

Even in this tragic time, what was top of mind for Patti Marmon, Vice President of Employee Relations at G4S, was the safety of the employees – one of their founding values. How do you supply immediate relief for those that lost their homes? How do you know which of your employees need relief supplies or more importantly – How do you get in contact with people without electricity?

G4S sent out a company-wide email, but there was not enough engagement. With concern for the safety of their employees rising, G4S needed to find a better way to contact employees fast — ideally, an expert in mobile texting. With the AT&T towers still operating, Patti recalled that AllyO’s platform works with both mobile and web chat. She wondered if there was a way AllyO could reach out to all of G4S employees through its mobile chat feature.

“It’s all about helping people and doing right by our customer. It’s why we started this business,” said Ankit Somani, Co-Founder of AllyO

The AllyO team rallied and problems solved a way to engage and distribute a company message to all the G4S employee within the affected regions. Within 2 hours, 30% of those employees responded, allowing G4S to rapidly deploy disaster relief.

  • “In the beginning, I did not need a place to live, however, my living situation has deteriorated and I could use assistance with living arrangements. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter….!!!” – G4S Employee
  • “Thank you very much for your concern. We are Ok.” – G4S Employee
  • “Please help us”- G4S Employee
  • “I’m fine I’m in a motel atm w/some family n my infant child that was born on Nov. 2nd n my gf is there also…all we need is water n food” – G4S Employee

Both G4S and AllyO are in the business of helping people, making a positive impact one conversation at a time.


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