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The First AI Recruiter Deployed On WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business fuels AI-based recruitment platform’s global growth journey by adding new countries it serves through the world’s most used messaging app.

The only end-to-end AI recruiter, announced today, December 10, 2018 its integration with WhatsApp Business, creating a new communication channel for employers to find and hire previously untapped candidates. With this partnership, AllyO becomes the first AI recruiter to be available live in the immensely popular WhatsApp platform.

The new implementation, available immediately to AllyO customers and candidates, not only creates a more flexible experience for the candidate, but allows employers to expand recruiting capabilities to geographies where text communication is often cost prohibitive and WhatsApp is the more preferred channel.

“Our mission has always been to help everyone, everywhere,” said Ankit Somani, co-founder of AllyO. “WhatsApp is a channel of choice for billions and being their early partner will help our international customers tremendously and fuel enormous growth awaiting for us in 2019.”

WhatsApp Business provides an easy way for employers to communicate with the larger WhatsApp community, which currently includes more than 1.5 billion people and 60 billion messages sent per day in over 180 countries. Those countries include places like India, where WhatsApp has an amazing 96 percent reach, as well as Malaysia (89 percent) and Indonesia (41 percent), making it a must for companies hoping to recruit talent from these regions. WhatsApp users are especially loyal and dependent on the platform for their communication needs. In fact, according to a recent report, users racked up 85 billion hours in the app over just a three-month span.

AllyO uses conversational AI to help large enterprises find more qualified candidates, automate recruiting, and receive actionable insights in order to improve the application process as a whole. By introducing WhatsApp Business, employers can add a different channel of communication and ultimately open additional access to previously unreachable candidates.

“We are continuing to drive the candidate experience forward by enabling both employers and candidates to chat via their channel of choice,” said Raahul Srinivasan, Product Manager. “These new features, combined with our already GDPR compliant security technology, make AllyO an indispensable partner for international enterprises.”

Existing users of AllyO will have the option to communicate via SMS and WhatsApp independently. The technology behind the integration also opens AllyO up for further expansion of the communication channels users interact with employers through.

“Thanks to our incredible team, AllyO successfully built a scalable multi-channel platform that leverages a single WhatsApp subscription,” Amal Salim, Software Engineer at AllyO, added. “This allows us to provision to a larger customer base while maintaining separate customer environments.”

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