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AI-Powered Talent Pool Engagement Is Launched At #HRERecruitTalent

Advanced Feature Uses Interactive, Multi-Channel Technology to Re-engage and Nurture Enterprise Talent Networks

AllyO is happy to announce the general availability of its Talent Pool Engagement module, designed to improve recruiting efficiency and enhance the candidate experience.

AllyO co-founder Sahil Sahni explained, “Enterprise organizations engage with only a small percentage of applicants, meaning they could be sitting on millions of candidates in untapped talent networks and communities. AllyO developed Talent Pool Engagement as a way to streamline and automate engagement, recognizing that in today’s hyper-competitive hiring landscape, organizations need better applicant sources, up-to-date data and an easier way to connect.”

The Talent Pool Engagement module works to determine job seeker interest through multi-channel proactive communications, leveraging both AI and human interactions and notifying recruiters as the conversations progress. This generates new or missing candidate profile information to ensure the database remains current. AllyO also maintains active engagement, nurturing talent communities through drip campaigns that generate ongoing interest. This a critical differentiator in terms of candidate experience, coming at a time when only 51 percent of companies have a planned sequence of communications throughout the applicant lifecycle, according to a forthcoming report from Aptitude Research.

“AllyO’s ability to contact our talent database at scale to deliver an engaging experience far exceeded our expectations compared to our traditional approach of using marketing automation tools. Its intelligent, multilingual and automated conversational capabilities enabled us to rapidly execute the project in less than four weeks and helped uncover thousands of new candidates who are ready to explore new job opportunities.” Risa Sposato, COO, Randstad Canada

Full Randstad Case Study

“With AllyO playing an integral role for organizations, we designed Talent Pool Engagement with RPO and staffing agencies in mind, an expeditious way of delivering on the promise of the CRM,” said Ankit Somani, co-founder of AllyO. “The surprise was the application of that same automated technology to keep dropped-off, disqualified or rejected candidates warm and ready for when another opportunity surfaces, offering a way to prioritize them in the future.”

To learn more about AllyO Talent Pool Engagement, visit https://www.allyo.com/solutions/talent-pool-engagement.


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