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Aspen Analytics Joins AllyO Partner Program

Mutual Collaboration Helps FedEx Use Data Better and Maximizes Recruiting Performance at Scale

As companies compete for qualified talent, recruiting has become more complex than ever before. Employers such as FedEx make investments in employer branding, military hiring, job boards and technology to ensure strong talent pipelines of full-time and part-time workers. AllyO’s award-winning AI-powered recruiting automation solution helps customers such as FedEx accelerate time-to-hire through screening, scheduling and interviewing potential applicants.

The AllyO partner program works with organizations in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), staffing, customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards and agencies to optimize recruiting efforts at large enterprises. The relationship with Aspen Analytics is the first of its kind.

David Bernstein, Head of Partnerships for AllyO, explained, “Aligning with Aspen Analytics reinforces AllyO’s central mission: to make recruiting efficient and delightful for everyone. Through this partnership, we’re able to offer customers deeper insights and understanding of their recruiting outcomes. This is useful for companies of all sizes, but especially those with high-volume hiring needs like FedEx.”

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Andrew Gadomski, founder of Aspen Analytics, said, “Working jointly with FedEx makes sense when you consider that they are a large, global employer with a significant non-exempt workforce, where quick mobile access of employees is imperative and critical to operational success. The use of analytics makes scale and expansion of recruitment automation possible in this diverse and wide organization.”

He continued, “We are thrilled with this partnership because AllyO provides the transparency necessary to achieve success on this particular project. As a result, we expect to participate in other large, international, complex, and multi-language recruitment automation projects, given our alignment of businesses. Our collaborative work is focused on where those expansive conditions are normal. It’s fair to say that other automation tools would struggle where our experience presents this as right up our alley.”  

Bernstein concluded, “Today’s hyper-competitive recruiting landscape requires data analytics to inform talent acquisition strategies. The synergies between AllyO and Aspen Analytics are proven: we’re delivering innovation and driving measurable results. It’s a win-win for our shared clients.”


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