West Coast Retailer Improves Important Recruiting KPI’s And Candidate Experience to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

Goals To Achieve With AI Recruiting Tech

One large multi-state retailer came to AllyO with 4 goals that they wanted to focus on to innovate their current recruiting process

  • Improve staffing levels across stores
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Distinguish themselves from their competitors
  • Give time back to the store managers

Prior to engaging with AllyO, the retailer observed increasing expectations from candidates during the application process. According to their data, hourly workers expect to have an offer within 11 days. Their current time to offer across their locations is 34 days, while the industry benchmark is 30 days to offer. Once AllyO was implemented, the pilot locations reduced their time to hire to 13 days, aligning the stores hiring experience closer with the applicants’ expectations. This has set the company apart from its large scale retail competitors.

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Candidate Experience

As the job market transitions from an employers market to a candidate market, candidate experience has taken priority. This retailer wanted to process candidates efficiently while keeping them informed and happy with the process. We built out a Pre-ATS applicant engagement tool by implementing the floating AllyO chatbot to every URL on their ATS in addition to deploying a pilot-wide marketing campaign for “Text-to-Apply” to help capture walk-ins. The logic behind this is as follows: in the hourly industry, your customers are often time also your candidates. We provided these candidates with a 24/7 recruiter. The initial trial with AllyO was so successful that it was expanded from the initial location within 8 weeks of launching and was expanded nationally within 10 months.

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Bennett Sung

I am the Head of Marketing at AllyO, the most recognized end-to-end AI Recruiter. My lifetime mission as an #HRTech marketing leader is to make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. And over the past 15 years, I have contributed to the success of HROfice by Ascentis, VirtualEdge/ADP Recruiting, Jobscience Staffing Software, MightyRecruiter, and Koru | Predictive Hiring for Fit.


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