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Burger Restaurant Franchise Scales for High Growth Without Requiring Additional Staffing Resources By Using AI Tech


Burger Franchise Uses AI Software to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market


A growing, robust economy enables job seekers to be more selective about opportunities, while consumer demand for restaurants was calling for a steadier stream of employees throughout the year. The Director of Restaurant Operations for the one region of a burger franchise stated that employing top talent while containing employee turnover is mission-critical to delivering service excellence.

“To deliver the level of customer service that drives our, our restaurant operations needed to reclaim the 10-20% of our day spent on performing recruiting routines like reviewing applications, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews. In early 2017, we rolled out AllyO’s end-to-end A.I. recruiting software to help engage, qualify, and schedule candidates for our restaurants across Arkansas and Tennessee. Today, we can standby on auto-pilot as qualified, interested applicants walk in for interviews when managers are available.”


Armed with a simple yet intelligent recruitment automation technology, AllyO was custom-built and deployed within weeks to start capturing and engaging potential candidates across mobile. By qualifying and scheduling candidates through quick, seamless conversations with virtually zero involvement from the burger franchise, AllyO has become a powerful tool that scales for hiring growth without additional resources.

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