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Why Using AI at Work (Actually) Builds Your Empathy

More than one in three workers will voluntarily leave their job by 2023. The catch? Turnover can easily been prevented. Three out of four workers who end up quitting could have been retained by employers. So companies should become better at keeping their employees happy, because turnover comes at a high price tag. 

Losing out on employees means losing out on customers. That’s where AI comes in. To build empathy and add back that human touch for employees and customers alike.

AI Improves the Employee Experience

Improving the employee experience (and retention) should be urgent. All employers are facing the challenge of rewarding and motivating their employees because employees lack connection to employers. Having an unsatisfied workforce means productivity and performance are at risk. What’s the magic formula to engage employees? Introducing AI to decrease the demand on employees and increase efficiency. 

Your businesses’ ability to adapt to this new technology can achieve a few things:

  • Streamline major processes. AI can help close gaps in data and give you a better sense of where you should focus your workforce’s time and energy.
  • Lessen the workload burden. These days it’s harder and harder to keep the work-life balance while still meeting goals. AI is able to do those basic tasks to give people back time in their day to focus on what matters most. 
  • Add human touch back into work. By getting time back through automation, employees have the bandwidth to create personal touches in their work. An all-digital environment doesn’t mean less engagement and connection.

Each of these factors are important because it will increase retention. What’s the biggest risk to retention? Burnout. Now more than ever employees are having a harder time distinguishing between work and personal life. 23% of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always. People are feeling this way because of:

  • Impossible expectations
  • High stress with unreasonable time pressure
  • Major consequences for not meeting goals
  • Lack of communication
  • Poor leadership or direction

AI is able to mediate these factors of burnout. By automating processes and improving organizational structure, you’re able to identify gaps in communication and pain points for employees. AI will streamline the menial work that employees do and resolve conflict. It also opens up a world of possibilities for employees by being engaged in their work and with other employees for example.

Being able to be there for coworkers (and yourself) decreases loneliness and increases the human connection. You’re also able to listen to coworkers, treat them nicely, and lend them a helping hand. That sense of community helps us feel more fulfilled in our work, and is able to then give that feeling back to the second most important people to a company – customers.

AI Allows for Hyper-Personalization

Caring about your customers’ pain points and making sure their needs are met is the level of empathy all businesses need to be successful. But that level of empathy takes time. Time employees lose without the use of AI. Emails are copied and pasted because there’s not enough time. 

Not only does that allow for human error, but a poor customer experience . You can help create a consistent customer experience on top of putting in those extra little details that customers love. We all enjoy feeling special.

Why invest in AI to improve personalization and customer experience? Because it’s worth the investment. 84% of companies that improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue. Also, companies who are already customer-centric are 60% more profitable than companies who don’t focus on customers. 

It’s a clear sign of the times. Empathy and customer experience matter. So why not add a bit of AI to the customer facing side of your business?

Customers also don’t like to wait for a response. An easy way to add AI to your customer experience is to set up a chatbot to answer questions 24/7 and improve satisfaction. 35% of customers want to see more use of chatbots. With AI assisting customers, you’re able to focus on creating even more high-touch interactions. Natural language processing will assist with frequently asked questions while you focus on a better journey for your customers. 

AI and automation will allow for a future where you can focus on creating big connections with customers. With deeper empathy comes greater interactions. Not only will this improve the perception of your brand, it will improve the emotional worth of your brand. You care, customers care. It’s as easy as that. 

And now is the time to start with AI. Because AI is not only requested by customers, but it’s expected to be the norm. 86% of customer experience executives expect to use AI to customize every product or service offered by their company in the next five years. Food for thought.

AI Changes the HR Environment

Putting people first goes hand in hand with putting technology first. 92% of HR professionals say that a compassionate workplace is one of the major factors in employee retention. What are the easiest ways to add in some of that empathy in the HR process?

  • Add a feedback loop. When interviews are through, give candidates the option to express their thoughts and feelings. This way you can take steps to improve that experience for future candidates.
  • Have more in-depth onboarding. This is the first touch new employees have with companies, so it should be a good one. Effective training for a new position will give employees more confidence and better expectations. 
  • Keep communication lines open. New employees have a lot of questions. By embracing this mobile workforce and giving them an easy line of communication via text or email, they’ll end up becoming more satisfied with their work experience

HR is able to do all of these things and more with the help of AI. This will create a thriving environment for employees and candidates. That’s why AllyO is the MVP for HR professionals. Our AI is here to make the experience more delightful for everyone.

For employees: AllyO can become your HR help desk. As your digital worker, we’ll answer all employee questions from desktop or mobile before, after and during work hours. Employees will be able to ask about PTO policy, how to expense a report, or giving manager feedback. This way, employees have their questions answered within minutes, and you can focus on interviewing quality candidates and improving the employee experience to increase retention. 

For candidates: AllyO will allow candidates to easily text a number to apply to your open position. Within minutes, we will screen the employee. If they’re qualified, we’ll schedule a phone or in-person interview, along with sending them a reminder. Candidates are happy because they’ve landed a job interview in minutes, all by using their mobile device. Instead of calling candidates and trying to schedule interviews, you have the time to improve the recruiting and onboarding process for new employees. This will help you attract and retain better talent.

Add that spark of empathy back into your work and see how AllyO can help you build human connection with AI. 


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