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HireVue acquires AllyO to improve hiring velocity and talent quality

We are thrilled to share AllyO is joining forces with HireVue, the global leader in virtual interviewing and assessment solutions for over 700 companies and organizations worldwide. 

The addition of AllyO’s conversational AI to better engage candidates 24/7 with HireVue’s assessments and video interviewing solution to find the right people and fight bias forms a comprehensive solution that will solve today’s most pressing talent acquisition challenges. The combined solution will provide a better experience for candidates and hiring teams.

This is a perfect pairing, as we already have shared customers who use both AllyO and HireVue to accelerate high-volume hiring. Both solutions have proven global enterprise capabilities for hiring in key industries such as hospitality, retail, restaurants, and manufacturing. Most importantly, both teams share a common vision and commitment to a better, more fair hiring experience that supports diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace. 

This is an exciting moment as we watch what started as a great idea between two friends in a coffee shop, that has now evolved into one of the world’s most valued AI-based HR solutions, to truly revolutionize modern hiring as a part of HireVue’s platform. 

The AllyO mission of making recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone is amplified by the accessibility and bias mitigation achieved with HireVue state-of-the-art on-demand video interviewing and assessments platform.

Schedule a demo to see the solution in action.

Cheers to the future of recruiting! 

Sahil Sahni


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    AllyO is now part of HireVue. Together, we provide an innovative end-to-end hiring experience for companies and candidates.Read press release