Automate employee engagement surveys

AllyO SurveyTM understands the concerns and needs of your employees to improve relationships and retention.

The importance of employee satisfaction surveys.

  • Does your organization struggle with low response rates from existing employee surveys?
  • What level of visibility do you have into employee happiness to curb turnover?
  • How would you rate your organization’s understanding of employee trends?
  • How effectively can you communicate with employees during times of emergency?

Benefits of automating employee surveys.

AllyO SurveyTM allows you to gather employer insights from “hired to goodbye” including new hire check-ins, diversity & inclusion, employee happiness, employee engagement, and exit interviews.

  • Engage employees in a convenient way to track their changing attitudes.
  • Use information to gain insight into management and training effectiveness.
  • Understand where your employees stand, resolve issues via live chat and use insights to improve retention and improve planning.


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