Business texting for recruiting and HR

AllyO ConnectTM delivers 4X more and faster responses than email.

The importance of business texting for recruiting and employee communications.

  • Do you have a way to contact employees in a state of emergency?
  • Can you search, trace, and submit conversations as evidence if required by the court of law?
  • Are you limited to just 1:1 texting or mass SMS outreach?
  • Do you know what time of day results in the highest response rates?

Benefits of business texting for candidate and employee engagement.

AllyO ConnectTM is your texting platform to strengthen candidate and employee communication effectiveness with increased awareness and responsiveness.

  • No longer use your personal mobile number and get peace of mind with secure, compliant texting
  • Quickly text 1:1 or with mass, personalized campaigns to groups of all sizes
  • Enjoy fast implementation with the ability to add-on AI automation and technology integrations
  • Access insights on demand with intuitive built-in analytics

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