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AllyO Releases Integrated Live Video Interview Feature

  America’s unemployment just rate hit an all-time low of 3.6 %. This makes speedily hiring enough new […]

Insights Into Natural Language Processing for Recruitment

What is NLP? Natural language processing (NLP) is, at its core, getting computers to communicate with humans in […]

The 3 Pillars of an End-to-End AI Recruiting Platform

Part 1/3: What is end-to-end recruitment AI? Introduction … Over the years We’ve watched wave after wave of […]

End-to-End AI Recruiting Technology: The Gamechanger in the Staffing Industry

4 Ways Intelligent Software Can Be A Staffing Agency’s Competitive Advantage. The staffing industry is expanding twice as […]

AI Recruiting Integration with the Market-Leading ATS Solutions

Dramatically Improve Hiring Workflows Without the Headache of ATS Change Management Challenges of Traditional Recruiting Workflows Recruiting top-quality […]

Going Deeper With Calendar Integrations – Now Supports Microsoft Exchange

Here at AllyO, we have the same New Year’s resolution every year – “Make recruiting delightful and efficient […]

Chatbots Give Rise To Compliance Legislation Around Transparency

Companies using advanced AI technology in their recruitment efforts are already striving to make the hiring process more […]

The Inner Working Of Training A Conversational Recruiting Chatbot

By Victor Pavlov, Head of Bot Engineering AllyO initiates AI-powered conversations with people looking for jobs. These chats […]

All-YO End-to-End AI Recruiting FAQs

These AI Recruiting FAQs come from this October’s conversational recruiting webinar. Thank you to Raahul Srinivasan, AllyO’s product, for your […]


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