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Five Ways HR Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence To Improve The Candidate and Employee Experience

The artificial intelligence revolution is transforming all industries and functions. Every day we use some form of artificial […]

How Companies Can Fight Back Against Increasing Attrition

Whether you know it or not, more than half of your workforce is actively looking for another job or at least […]

Recruiting Laggard or Leader

HR Tech Predictions 2019 As we reflect on 2018, there’s one recruiting development that’s indisputable: the artificial intelligence […]

A New Way of Recruiting — the Rise of the Talent Advisor

From Admin to Talent Advisor: Discover How Recruiters & Hiring Managers Can Work Together to Create a Delightful […]

This Miracle Season: Recruitment Automation & Retail: A Match Made in Heaven

As the retail frenzy created by the holiday season winds down, let’s take a few minutes to reflect […]

How Candidate Engagement Rediscovery Gives Recruiters the Edge

For years, recruiters have sought the secret to getting an unbeatable competitive edge in the talent market. Finally, they may […]

4 Strategies To Fill Positions In A Candidate Driven Job Market

By Ankit Somani, co-founder The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since pre-2008 recession – currently […]

Selling AI to HUMAN Resources #notachatbot

The War for Talent The recruiting technology stack of an enterprise organization is excessively deep and wide in […]

How Recruiters And AI Recruitment Automation Software Work Together

Recruiters spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. Phone calls, emails, job postings and so many other […]


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