Making recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone


Our Mission

AllyO was created for one goal: Make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. 

As the leading end-to-end recruiting AI and automation software, AllyO automates the most tedious and time-consuming pieces of talent acquisition. The result? Organizations are able to accelerate their time-to-hire by 4X and delight candidates by 2X industry standards. 


Our Story

Co-founders and longtime best friends Ankit Somani and Sahil Sahni created AllyO in 2015 because they recognized recruiting is HARD, and they wanted to fix it. Using their combined knowledge from tenures at Google, McKinsey, MIT and more, they designed conversational AI that revolutionized recruiting. 

Over time, the AllyO team uncovered its core value of “Customers Before Company.” They realized that if every business decision puts the needs of their customer first, success for the company and its people would follow.

It’s because of this core value that AllyO has earned the trust and partnership of 15 percent of the Fortune 50 and has received the backing of tier 1 investors such as Google, SAP, Randstad, Bain and Cervin Ventures. AllyO has demonstrated hyper-growth of 3X year over year, is the most funded and highest valued AI recruiter worldwide, and has earned back-to-back HR tech product of the year awards by Human Resource Executive®. 


Our Products

AllyO’s flagship product, AllyO RECRUITTM, is the end-to-end recruiting AI and automation platform recruiting teams rely on to:

  • Engage and capture applicants wherever they are through text, Whatsapp, and web chatbots
  • Intelligently qualify applicants for the best-fit role and eliminate applicant drop-off rate to under 5%
  • Automate interview scheduling and reminders to increase recruiter productivity by over 40%
  • Plug-in seamlessly with the market-leading ATS and calendar systems and keep candidates moving smoothly through the hiring process 
  • Deliver peace of mind with rock-solid security and compliance
AllyO further helps efficiency and delight with:

  • AllyO AssistTM — an AI-powered chatbot that answers frequently asked questions from candidates or employees 24×7
  • AllyO ConnectTM — the business texting solution for HR and recruiting teams that delivers 4X more and faster responses than email
  • AllyO ScheduleTM + Video — the AI scheduling solution with optional live video interviewing capabilities
  • AllyO SurveyTM — automated conversational surveys for new employee check-ins, exit interviews and more, increasing responsiveness by 3x
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  • Gradient Ventures
  • Google
  • Randstad
  • Sapphire Ventures
  • bainCapital
  • Cervin Ventures
  • Scale Venture Partners

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