Automate the recruiting workflows that matter most.

Capture applicants through mobile and text recruiting

Improve your applicant capture rate by 2-6X through conversational job matching across all channels of talent acquisition.

  • Available in multiple languages across multiple channels including web, text, and email
  • Deploys on your career pages, job boards and marketing campaigns to offer multi channel candidate engagement
  • Allows candidates to continue the same conversation on different channels with the same persistent identity
Capture & Apply

Qualify applicants with smart screening and assessment

Intelligently qualify applicants for the best-fit role and eliminate drop-off rate to under 5%

  • Identifies high-potential candidates ahead of time
  • AIlyO’s algorithms predict candidate quality based on their interaction with the system
  • Reduces the time it takes to fill up vacant positions
Screen & Assess

Automatically schedule interviews across all major calendars

Automate interview scheduling and increase recruiter productivity by over 40%

  • Integrates with GCal, O365, Exchange.
  • Allows for changing interview settings at the job requisition level
  • Covers many interview scenarios: 1:1, sequential, 1:Many (Panel), Many:1 (Group) etc.
  • Gives your hiring teams the ability to see invites on their calendar and confirm/decline which leads to further candidate workflows
Schedule & Hire

Hear what customers and industry analysts have to say.

Your tools for AllyO RECRUIT™ success.

When it comes to alignment with your business goals, we take on a teamwork mindset paired with deep analytics to achieve and prove success. When you choose AllyO RECRUIT™:
  • Leverage conversational AI to recruit candidates in their preferred language online or anywhere in the world SMS or WhatsApp is supported
  • Bolt onto your ATS and trigger automated candidate text communications for each stage of your hiring process – from screening and scheduling requests to reminders
  • Add a strategic partner with our Customer Success team to optimize your package
  • Understand your recruiting process, funnel conversion, and candidate experience deeper than ever before through on-demand analytics and reports
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a rock-solid platform designed for all of your global security and compliance needs
    And throughout our relationship, we’ll deploy tools and specialists around:

ATS and CRM integrations

Analytics and reporting

Professional service and support

Security and compliance

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