The AI Recruiter Who Uses Natural Language to Really Get It

By Eric Garnick, Software Engineer   Understanding natural language with a computer has many inherent challenges. Natural language AI […]

Applying Artificial Intelligence To Improve Chatbots

By David Feng, Software Engineering Intern   In wake of the numerous advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in […]

Learn About Natural Language Processing And Its Challenges In Artificial Intelligence

BY KATHLEEN PREDDY, LINGUISTICS ENGINEER Read time: 4 minutes As part of AllyO’s new All-yo questions video series, […]

A.I. Recruiting Software Now Streamlines Interview Scheduling

By: Nirmal Chander Srinivasan, Senior Software Engineer Why Is Interview Scheduling A Problem? A dynamic labor market is […]

Opportunity Cost of Vacancy and the Impact of Reducing Time to Fill

By Ben Cruse, Director of Sales Estimated read time: 2 minutes Headcount gets approved and hiring takes place […]

Top 10 Predictions for Recruiting Technology in 2022

By Sahil Sahni, Co-Founder Estimated read time: 5 minutes ”Change predictions are less to do with what might […]

AI Leaves a Big Tip for the Restaurant Industry

By Brendan Hickey, Director of Sales Estimated read time: 5 minutes Restaurant owners have a lot of ways […]

The HAL-9000: 50 years after the Quintessential Chatbot | AI

By Michael Baxter, Senior Software Engineer Estimated read time: 3 minutes I recently got to see the movie […]

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting – Defining the problem

This is a 2 part series in which we explore Bias and AI. In part 1 of this […]


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