The Next Wave Of AI-Led Recruiting

*Click here to download a print-ready version of “The Next Wave of AI-Led Recruiting” Four ways machines are […]

5 Signs Your Recruitment Process Needs a Revamp

By Mike Desai, Director of Sales Successful recruitment strategies and hiring is arguably one of the most important […]

3 Insights To Get Started On Your Software Evaluation Journey

By Austin Edy, Customer Success Manager Oftentimes buyers purchase a software solution they believe will help solve a […]

Talent Pool Engagement Through AI Recruiting Automation

AllyO’s mission is to make recruiting delightful and efficient for everyone. For this we built AllyO, an end […]

Democratization of recruiting and empowerment of the hiring manager

By Shobhit Gupta, Head of Business Operations Imagine this – a hiring manager bumps in to a “5 […]

Recruiters Are The New Programmers

By Ankit Somani, co-founder   With technology advancements and explosion of data, programmers are shifting from writing code […]

5 ways Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) vendors can benefit from AI and improve profitability

By Shobhit Gupta, Business Strategy and Operations Lead Estimated read time: 6 minutes The $5-7B Recruitment Process Outsourcing […]

The recruiting gap everyone ignored that AI will fill

By Sahil Sahni, Co-Founder Estimated read time: 3 minutes HR Tech has a long history of overcorrection and […]

Life of an applicant: your ATS vs an AI recruiter

By Sahil Sahni, Co-Founder Estimated read time: 2 minutes A 2015 CandE Research Report found that: – 33% […]


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