AI and its Role in Recruiting

By Shobhit Gupta, Business Strategy and Operations Lead Estimated read time: 5 minutes Click here to see our […]

A.I. Automated High Volume Recruitment is Bound to Happen

According to McKinsey, automation could accelerate the productivity of the global economy by between 0.8 and 1.4% of […]

How to Subtly Hire Talent at Trade Shows with A.I.

By Ben Cruse The National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago hosts over 40,000 attendees and 2,300 exhibitors over […]

Can an AI recruiter hire my executives and staff positions in one system?

By Nick Possley, Head of Data Products and Engineering At AllyO, we listen closely to our customers and […]

“Modernizing recruiting is like fixing a running car” – musings from Consero’s Talent Acquisition and Management forum in Pasadena, CA

By Ankit Somani, Co-Founder We recently had the opportunity to attend an exclusive summit for Consero’s Talent Acquisition […]

Highlights from ERE Recruiting Con 2018

By Ian Elliot, Shobhit Gupta, and Ankit Somani ERE Recruiting Conference 2018 centered around ongoing technology-led disruption of recruiting. […]

AllyO Survey Data: HR Leaders in Hospitality are Turning to AI to Improve Candidate Experience

By AllyO Staff While A.I. is becoming increasingly relevant in HR, many HR leaders are still unsure of […]

Recruiting in today’s mobile-first culture

By Austin Edy What’s the quickest way to reach someone in today’s culture? Cell phones. Mobile-first mentality not […]

Rock Your Next Video Interview with these 3 Tips

By Louis Pratt In recent years, technology has impacted the way people around the globe communicate, both professionally […]


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